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For sure Lotte is creative; she came up with beautiful designs, but what is more important is that she truly listened to our wishes and asked the important why and how questions.

Due to this dialogue, the nice design transformed into a beautiful, user friendly and sustainable product."

Edwin Dilling | Project manager | Grodan BV.

Lotte has designed a reusable e-commerce packaging for BOXO. She has created a beautiful design that appeals to the imagination. This design is a natural result of her creativity, empathy and quality to get to the core.

We at BOXO certainly recommend Lotte, although we hope she will not become too popular so we can continue to use her services."

Marcel Kleizen | Founder | BOXO

Lotte is a very nice person to work with. Her commitment gives every stage in the design process a creative boost.

She has been closely involved in the creation of our concept bike “New Horizon”, in which her participation from ideation to concept has led to awesome results.

Arif Veendijk | Design lead | Kruitbosch

I worked with Lotte over a period of two years. She's very professional in her approach. It was great seeing her leading my project from brainstorm, development to an actual product including packaging. She's great at listening and translating your wishes into design.

Her personality makes her a great person to work with. I have full confidence that she'll thrive as an entrepreneur and I would recommend her to everyone who wants to develop a concept/ product."

Marissa Garland | Business owner | DIN DIN

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Redefine the ordinary

Designer Lotte Swart


I love a good challenge. Every new product is a new world to discover. I aim to challenge the ordinary way of things and solve problems with creativity. As a concept designer I know the importance of good design and the impact it can have on our daily life and our environment. 

Designing a product is teamwork and therefore communication and trust are very important parts in my process. By guiding the project through 3 phases, I make sure to deliver a useful & simple design that fits the needs and wishes of my clients. 


Some facts

6+ years experience in product design
3 years agency experience
Focussed on sustainable design
Studied industrial design at university of T
Graduated Cum Laude
Located in Tilburg


Let's talk


Do you have a project in mind? Feel like chatting about future opportunities? Don't hesitate to send a message or schedule a zoom call. 

Located in Tilburg
The Netherlands

Member of BNO

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